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Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions

Is Travel vaccination free

Travel vaccination is not covered by Medicare Australia. Our practice provides all travel vaccines at competitive price. Please ring our friendly reception staff for your bookings.

I need my test result

Please book an appointment for your test results. Test results cannot be discussed over the phone or with a third party  for confidentiality reasons.

I need to book an appointment

Please dial 9490 2900 for your appointment . Our friendly reception staff are waiting for your call.

For online appointment, please click “make an appointment” on our website and follow the prompts.

Please notify the reception staff if you require an urgent appointment.

How do I renew my script

Please ring 9490 2900 to request for your prescription renewal if you have attended the clinic within 3 months prior to your request.

You will require an appointment with your doctor if you have not attended the clinic within the last 3 months and for all authority scripts.


How do I register to be a new patient

Please complete the attached form below and bring it for your first appointment.

All our doctors are accepting new patients.

How do I get my medical record transferred?

Please complete a transfer of medical record form attached below and forward to your previous GP.

Your previous Gp will forward your medical records to our medical centre

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