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Surgical Procedures

Our expert GP’s in Southern River have wide experience at providing a solution to all your minor surgical procedure needs.

If you require a GP in Canning Vale that can perform a minor Surgical Procedure, please contact our reception staff to schedule an appointment.

Your doctor will schedule an initial appointment in order to take a careful history and examination before booking you for a surgical procedure.

This is extremely important in ensuring that you do not have an allergy or contraindication to the surgical procedure. In most instances this is just a routine standard consult prior to your proposed date for the Surgical Procedure.

Except when specifically indicated by your GP, there is no requirement for fasting prior to your procedure .

Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled Surgical Procedure in order to complete appropriate consent forms and other formalities prior to your scheduled time.

We recommend that you come with a family member for any procedure that requires local anesthetics to your limbs.

Some of the common surgical procedures performed at our clinic include the following:

Removal of Foreign Body

Skin Mole Excision

In-grown Toe Nail Excision

Cryotherapy for Warts and raised skin lesions

Skin Biopsy

Suturing of Laceration

Implanon Insertion

Implanon Removal

IUD Removal

Skin Cancer Excision

Skin Grafting

IUD Insertion

Minor Cosmetic Surgery

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