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Travel Vaccination


Here at Southern River Medical Centre, our Travel Doctor offers  reliable and cost effective  vaccinations  at our Travel Vaccination Clinic.

If you require a GP in Southern River, Huntingdale, Gosnells , Thornlie , Canning Vale  and surrounding areas for your Travel Vaccination, please book an appointment online or contact our friendly reception staff on 9490 2900.


Southern River Medical Centre is a WA Health designated  Yellow Fever  Vaccination  Centre.

We will  issue a valid yellow fever certificate after completing your  travel vaccination.

Please keep this certificate safely with your travel passport as the immigration officer may request for this document on arrival back to Australia.

Yellow Fever Vaccination is currently required for travel to certain African and South American Countries.

Our GP’s will tailor your travel advice according to the recommendations for your target country and specific risks relating to your activities at your proposed country of destination.

Our Travel Vaccination Clinic is stocked with all your vaccine requirements.

We recommend that you schedule your  appointment to the travel clinic at least 4-8 weeks prior to your trip in order to achieve optimum protection on arrival at your target country.

The GP’S in our travel vaccination clinic are  however able to accommodate your appointments at short notice.

Our Travel Doctors provide comprehensive travel advice including simple health  measures you can take should you find yourself unwell while travelling overseas.

Our GP’s can liaise with your travel insurance providers should this be required while you are overseas.

Some of the vaccines available in the  Travel Vaccination Clinic and the target diseases are listed below :



Vaccine  Target Disease  Dosage
Adacel  Tetanus; Diptheria’;Pertusis  Single dose
Avaxim Hepatitis A 0 and 6 months
Jespect Japanese Encephalitis Single dose
Dukoral Cholera 0, 7, 14 Day
Engerix Hepatitis B 3 doses over 6 months interval
FluQuadri Influenza Annual
Rabipur Rabies 5 doses
Stamaril Yellow Fever Once in a lifetime
Typhim Typhoid Fever Single dose


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